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Responsible alcohol consumption

Apart from pursuing energy and climate goals, an important issue for us is ensuring responsible alcohol consumption. We notify the Foundation for Responsible Alcohol Consumption< (Stichting Verantwoorde Alcoholconsumptie) of all our activities in the Netherlands, e.g. those in the hospitality sector. For our international activities, we adhere to the principles laid down by DrinkIQ.

National Prevention Agreement (Preventieakkoord)

As a producer of spirits, we endorse the principles of the National Prevention Agreement (Preventieakkoord). Agreements, once made, must be fulfilled and given time to become effective. In the Netherlands, we are quietly helping to reduce the number of problem drinkers. Let us ensure, together, that measures are implemented to bring down this number even further.

The charities we support

We are proud to support the following amazing initiatives.

KETEL 1 Scholarship Fund

The KETEL 1 Scholarship Fund (Stichting Studiefonds Ketel 1) grants scholarships for study and research projects in medicine, law, history and business administration. The scholarship fund is an initiative of the Leiden University year club KETEL 1 and was established in 1995, on the occasion of its fifteenth anniversary. Nolet Distillery contributes financially to the fund.

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Scholarship Fund

The KETEL 1 Scholarship Fund awards grants for study and research projects within the disciplines of Medicine, Law, History and Business Administration.

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Meal relief Program

In the United States, our Ketel One and NOLET’S gin brands were popularised by bartenders. That prompted us to sponsor the Meal Relief Program, which provided support to the United States hospitality sector during the corona pandemic. Clearly, this sector is vital to us. The fact is that, unlike in the Netherlands, unemployed people in the US cannot always rely on government support and the Nolet family was keen to give something back. More than 12,000 hospitality workers were given vouchers worth a total of US$ 500,000 to spend on groceries. The program came to a successful end at the end of 2021.


For more than 25 years, Nolet has been working with Stroomopwaarts: the leading partner in social entrepreneurship. Stroomopwaarts helps residents of Schiedam, Vlaardingen and Maassluis who fall under the Dutch Participation Act or who have a work-limiting disability to find work. For many months every year Stroomopwaarts helps us find some sixty fantastic temporary colleagues to package more than 200,000 presents for our American customers. In 2022, Stroomopwaarts and Nolet Distillery concluded a social work pact to preserve and foster employment opportunities for vulnerable groups in the employment market.

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