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What is Nolet?

Nolet is one of the oldest family businesses in the Netherlands and the oldest family business in the distillation industry. Nolet produces Ketel One Vodka, KETEL1 Jenever and Nolet's Gin for the Dutch and international markets. Based in the distillery in Schiedam, the Nolet family has been producing, distributing, selling and marketing its premium distilled brands since 1691. Ketel One Worldwide, a 50/50 joint venture between Nolet Distillery and Diageo, has been selling, marketing and distributing Ketel One worldwide, since 2008.

Who manages the company?

Nolet Distillery is managed by Carel Nolet senior and his youngest son, Bob Nolet. His eldest son, Carel Nolet Jr., manages the American office, which is based in Aliso Viejo, California. A total of 120 people work for Nolet Distillery in the Netherlands and the United States.

Which brands does The Nolet Distillery produce?

Nolet produces three different brands: Ketel One Vodka, KETEL1 Jenever and Nolet's Finest Gin. Click here to visit pages on Nolet’s three brands.

How old is the Nolet Distillery?

The Nolet Distillery dates back 325 years: a history so rich it still determines Nolet's success every day. This success lies in preserving traditions, with each generation also daring to look forward and ahead. Click here to see a more detailed history of Nolet.

Where is Nolet sold?

The Nolet brands are sold in 80 separate markets.

Where is Nolet based?

The Nolet Distillery was 'born and raised' in Schiedam. Joannes Nolet decided to live among the granaries in 1691. Now, 325 years later, the Nolet Distillery still calls this city home; the city in which the jenever production business peaked in the 18th and particularly the 19th centuries. For this reason, Schiedam will always be our home base and serve as our company headquarters. Our commitment to Schiedam has motivated us to support local initiatives and set up the Ketelfactory: a project space for visual artists.

Is it possible to visit the distillery?

The distillery may be visited on appointment. A tour of Nolet Distillery in Schiedam is the best way of experiencing our tradition. You will be received in our tower mill, 'De Nolet', which is the highest in the world. Our enthusiastic tour guides and an inspiring film will draw you into the family history that began in 1691. An exceptional story, intensified even further by the family museum and the old boardrooms. In our distillery, you will stand face to face with the number 1 coal-fired still which continues to be used today. You will see, experience and discover the distillation process and observe the modern technology in the bottling room, the barrel loft and the Logistics Centre, from where we serve customers around the world. You are most welcome! Fill in the registration form to make an appointment for a guided tour.

How does the Nolet and Diageo joint venture work?

In 2008, Nolet entered into a 50/50 joint venture with Diageo Plc for Ketel One Vodka (but not the other products). Diageo Plc is the market leader in spirits and it is mainly known for brands such as Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff and Tanqueray. Known as Ketel One Worldwide B.V., this joint venture is established in Amsterdam and is responsible for the worldwide sales, marketing and distribution of Ketel One Vodka.

How does Nolet contribute towards sustainability?

Nolet Distillery has a great sense of responsibility, in terms of both our distillate's quality and taste and the role we play in society. This is expressed in three different ways: thinking and acting sustainably, promoting responsible alcohol use and pursuing a properly considered sponsorship policy. Click here to read more about our responsibility.

What is the Ketelfactory?

The Ketelfactory is a project space for visual artists. It does not have its own collection, and it is not an exhibition area or a museum. But it is a lot of other things: a dynamic, self-willed project space where artists can interact with their craftsmanship, with each other and with their audience. Click here for more information on the Ketelfactory.

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