Ketel 1 Jenever

The taste of family tradition

Every bottle encapsulates the secret of eleven generations of skill and sophisticated formulas. Born in the copper stills of Nolet family Distillery, these find their way to connoisseurs across the globe.

Ketel 1 Jenever

Ketel 1 genever
Ketel 1 Matuur

A story of passion and fire

KETEL1 Jenever

KETEL1 Jenever is inspired by copper pot still number 1, the oldest operating still in Schiedam. Our Master Distiller keeps a close eye on the fires below the copper stills, where our special jenever is born from grain distillates and aged grain eau-de-vie, with sophisticated infusions of herbs.

Not 21? No alcohol. Have fun, but drink in moderation.
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