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Information and liability
The Information is solely intended for information purposes and is not intended as advice. Any liability for damages ensuing from the access to and use of this site or the inability to use it, is explicitly rejected by Nolet Distillery and its affiliates, which also includes damage resulting from viruses or the inaccuracy or incompleteness of the Information that is published on the Website or to which the Website provides access. Nolet Distillery and its affiliates, as well as the directors and employees of Nolet Distillery and its affiliates, do not accept any responsibility or liability for the Information and/or the recommendations that are published on the Website or to which the Website provides access. This Information and these recommendations may be amended without prior warning. Furthermore, Nolet Distillery and its affiliates are not liable for damage ensuing from the use of electronic means for communicating with this Website, including but not limited to damage as a result of failure or delay in the delivery of electronic messages, interception or manipulation of electronic messages by third parties or by software/equipment used for electronic communication, and the transmission of viruses.

Intellectual property rights
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Links to other websites
References or links to external websites are included solely to inform the user of the Website. Nolet Distillery and its affiliates make no guarantee whatsoever and are not liable for the use or the content of internet pages to which this Website contains any link or of internet pages that contain any link to this Website. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to your personal data that are collected and processed on or via these external websites.

Unsolicited ideas
Nolet Distillery and its affiliates will be authorised to use, copy and/or commercially exploit, in the broadest sense of the word, any unsolicited ideas and/or material you place on this Website or send to Nolet Distillery, via email or otherwise, including but not limited to text, images, sounds, software, information or otherwise (the “Material”), without owing remuneration, and Nolet Distillery and its affiliated companies will not be obliged to treat said Material confidentially. You hereby indemnify Nolet Distillery and/or its affiliates against all damage suffered by Nolet Distillery and/or its affiliates against any claims by third parties that the use and/or exploitation of the Material violates third parties’ ownership or intellectual property rights or is in any other way unlawful towards a third party.

If these Terms and Conditions of Use are or become partly invalid, the parties will remain bound by the part that is still valid. The parties will replace the invalid part with clauses that are valid and whose legal effects correspond to the invalid part as closely as possible, having regard to the content and the purport of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

Applicable law and competent court
These Terms and Conditions of Use are subject solely to Dutch law. All disputes ensuing from these Terms and Conditions of Use, including disputes on the existence and validity of these Terms and Conditions of Use, will be resolved by the competent District Court of Rotterdam.

Privacy policy
Nolet Distillery will observe and respect your right to privacy when you visit the Website. Your personal data are used to verify the legally permitted age for alcohol consumption in order to comply with statutory provisions and/or other statutory requirements. With the exception of the data referred to above, Nolet Distillery does not collect your personal data when you visit the Website, unless you specifically and expressly decide to provide us with such data. If you do choose to provide us with such data, we will only use them to meet your request for information or other services. You may ask to inspect, amend or delete your collected details at any time. To do so, send an email to, stating your name, company name and address.