Our history

Far ahead of our time

The history of Nolet Distillery goes back more than 325 years; a rich history that still defines our success with each passing day. This success stems from cherishing traditions and from the fact that every Nolet generation has the courage to look ahead and beyond.


Our history

Nolet Distillery historie
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Our birthplace

Birth Land

Nolet Distillery was born and raised in Schiedam. Joannes Nolet settled in the midst of the granaries in 1691. Now, more than 325 years later, Nolet Distillery is still at home in the town where Dutch gin production reached its height in the 18th and primarily the 19th centuries. Schiedam, the birthplace of Nolet Distillery, is still where our heart lies and where we operate from.  With this local involvement, we support local initiatives and have facilitated the creation of the KetelFactory, a project space for visual artists.

Craftsmanship and vision


The rich history of Nolet Distillery is based on skills, combined with craftsmanship and vision. Centuries of experience and intense devotion have given us a vision far beyond the horizon. In the 1970s, Carel Nolet applied this craftsmanship and vision to conjure KETEL1 Jenever into existence. He went on to conquer America with Ketel One Vodka. Inspiration, passed from father to son across the generations, can be seen wherever you look: in our delicious recipes and novel production methods or our global sales and marketing approach with the personal touch. Carel Nolet continues to innovate, alongside his sons Carel Jr. and Bob. Every day, Nolet Distillery continues to build on the family’s success with skill, passion and vision.

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