Our brands

Ketel One Vodka
Ketel One Citroen
Ketel One Orange
Ketel One Grapefruit Rose
Ketel One Cucumber Mint
Ketel One Orange Blossom
Ketel1 Jenever
Ketel1 Matuur
Nolet's Dry Gin Silver
Nolet's Dry Gin Reserve

Every bottle encapsulates the secret of eleven generations of skill and sophisticated formulas. Born in the copper stills of Nolet family Distillery, these find their way to connoisseurs across the globe.


The tradition

Do you fancy having a look at the copper stills?

Do you fancy having a look at the copper stills, checking out the bottling plant and the cask attic, getting up close and personal with the tallest tower mill in the world or dipping into our rich family history? You can arrange a visit to Schiedam for this sort of experience on any weekday.


Our History

Nolet Distillery Discover the history of Nolet

The history of Nolet Distillery goes back 325 years; a rich history that still defines our success with each passing day. This success stems from cherishing traditions and from the fact that every Nolet generation has the courage to look ahead and beyond.

Not 21? No alcohol. Have fun, but drink in moderation.
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